True or False 06.10.2013 Celtic | England | Rangers| Manchester City | Barcelona| EPL | Zlatan

True or False 06.10.2013 Celtic | England | Rangers| Manchester City | Barcelona| EPL | Zlatan

True or False – Our regular feature were 90 Minute Cynic contemplates recent and upcoming events in the world of  football and  gather the opinion of the Cynics. Our questionnaire extraordinaire is Bryan McManus  and the men behind the answers are Kevin Gillespie , Louis McCaffrey and Sean Larkins.

Today we focus on Celtic in the Champions League and Scott Browns red card, competition for the England goalkeeper jersey, Rangers calling off a league game, Barcelona without Messi, Manchester City’s lack of big game mentality the Arsenal juggernaut, the boom in exciting football down Merseyside way and the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic. If you would like to submit any questions to True or False or have any comments about the feature as a whole then contact us on twitter or email us at

Scott Brown’s petulant and stupid kick out at Neymar, despite what Neil Lennon says, is indefensible and he should not play in the games leading up to the next Champions League fixture so that Celtic have a settled midfield going into what will be the game that makes or breaks the Champions league campaign

Kevin: False – Scott Brown made a mistake that ended up being blown out of proportion by a referee that was not strong enough.  They got their chances when we were down to 10 men but so did we, it ended up opening the game a bit, not that that is a good way of opening the game though.  As for all the ex-Celtic players that are taking their Judas coins from the Scottish Media (don’t even know how those words go together) but they should be ashamed of some of their comments, didn’t Peter Grant bless himself during an Old Firm game? Frank McGarvey touts himself round the South Side pubs trying to get beers as payment for people listening to his views! And I’m sure Craig (rent-a-gob) Burley will spout his usual pish at the weekend.  As for being dropped, no way, Neil Lennon was no angel as a player but appreciated that his manager stood by him.  We are all a #CelticFamily

Louis: False – He was stupid to kick out at Neymar especially when the player was on the ground and not threat at all, however he is still the captain of the club and shouldn’t be outcast as a result of one mistake. Celtic do have a number of other options in midfield so Brown would be wise to get on with playing football rather than trying to kick opposition players when they’re down.

Sean: True – Scott Brown has started to slip into his old ways, Lennon should be looking to drop him so he can learn that it is not acceptable behaviour for Celtic, and for the Champions League games coming up we need a midfield that’s used to working together.

Fraser Forster has gained enough big game experience and proved himself at the highest level to start for England ahead of calamity prone Joe Hart in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers

Kevin: False – In that he won’t get a game ahead of Hart unless he is injured for these 2 games but on form he should be considered.  Hart’s form has been suffering for the last 12 months.  Mancini was brave enough to say so last year and that resulted in the English press turning on him.  It has been quoted that Pellegrini wanted to bring Willy Caballero in (swapping a dick for a willy) from Malaga but the keeper decided to stay in Spain.  As for Roy Hodgson, wow he has handled this situation well, none of his back up-keepers have experience yet he has not fully bloodied them yet, great situation to be in leading up to a World Cup.  I think he isn’t playing big Fraser so that he ends up asking for a transfer & getting a move to England anyway

Louis: False – There isn’t a chance Roy Hodgson is going to throw a new goalkeeper into the England team with two important qualifiers left to play. It would be a lot of pressure on his shoulders and if he did have a Robert Green type moment, it would damage his confidence and future England chances. Forster has been fantastic against Champions League teams for the last two seasons and is more than capable of playing for England, especially when you consider Joe Hart’s fall from grace. However there is no rush for the big man, his time will come.

Sean: True – I think he has, he is playing top European teams every season, Champions League and in friendly games.  Joe Hart has been on a steady down fall since the Euros, apart from Joe Hart playing teams like Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal a few times a season what other experience has he got that Fraser hasn’t got?

Rangers calling off their game against Dunfermline due to having players on international duty is embarrassing and a total slap in the face to fans who had already made arrangements to attend the game

Kevin: True – But that probably doesn’t even register in the 10 most embarrassing things that have happened over there this week.

Louis: True – Very embarrassing considering the number of  “SPL” quality players they have in their lower league side, surely enough to play a league game?

Sean: True – But who really cares what a league 1 team is doing.

Without Messi Barcelona are “only” a good team, and their tiki taka style is now becoming boring to watch

Kevin: False – They are weaker without him in the team, who wouldn’t be? But don’t let the fact that they only scored once against us dilute Celtic & Neil Lennon’s game plan.  Over 3 games he has shown Europe how to play against them.  Others are copying it, close your 2 banks of 4 together and reduce the passing into that space.  Football is about evolution, we are evolving & can play the European way, Barcelona & their tiki taka style will evolve too.

Louis: False – Messi is the greatest player possibly ever, of course Barca would miss him, however they are awash with superstar talent and have more than enough to cope when the little man isnt playing. Tiki Taka football is fantastic to watch but its changing as teams figure out how to combat that style of play. Pep Guardiola has adopted a similar style of possession football at Bayern Munich however his 4-1-4-1 formation is fluid and adaptable depending on certain situations. Barca and Messi play beautiful football, whether its Tiki Taka or not.

Sean: False – Barcelona are so much more than just one player, if Messi never had players like Xavi and Iniesta feeding him great passes then I don’t think he would be half the player he is.  I have also liked Barcelona but this trying to pass the ball into the net and finding the perfect goal is just boring now. Just fuckin’ shoot!!!!!

Despite the fortunes they have cost, Manchester City players simply do not yet have the “big game” mentality to be a success in the Champions League


Kevin: True –  Yeah, gob smacked about how easily they got skelped by Bayern Munich.  There is no shame in 1 team having more procession than the other, as in our game, but if they dismantle you that easily and you have aspirations of winning the tournament than questions have to be asked.  England beware your teams aint going to be winning the big cup for a wee while.

Louis: False – The match against Bayern was tough on Man City but partly because of they’re own doing tactically. Bayern are in incredible form and play possibly the best football in Europe under Pep Guardiola, Man City didn’t combat the system Bayern play with an extra man in midfield, and therefore couldn’t get the ball and were made to look inept. Pellegrini got the tactics wrong in that game but yet towards the end City looked like they could have got within a goal of Bayern. The squad is as talented as you could wish for, but the tactics have to match, once both are in place there is no reason why City cant progress to the latter stages.

Sean: True – Man City have amazing individual players but as of yet they don’t have an amazing team, Champions League football is just that step too far for them.  They have got the Premiership sorted, they know how to play Premiership football but they have not figured out a Champions League style yet.

Arsenal are the only English team who will make a real impact on this seasons Champions League

Kevin: False – See above.  It was a good result against Napoli, one I thought would go the other way but I still don’t see them as a semi-final team & I would class that as impact level for them

Louis: False – Lets see how they handle a favourite for the tournament. They are riding high at the minute but will be interesting to see how they fair in the latter stages against higher quality opposition.

Sean: True – I am not a big Arsenal fan but I must say they have been playing some great football, Ozil looks the part and Ramsey has come on to some game, I think it will be a Bayern v Arsenal Champions League final.

Everton and Liverpool both have an excellent chance of breaking into the “big four” this season and qualifying for the Champions League

Kevin: True – Both teams have played above themselves already this season and if they can stay strong then a top 4 finish won’t be too far away.  There are now 7 teams looking at the top four and I would be over the moon for both clubs and managers if either of them broke through.  A few fly’s in the ointment though in that Liverpool are only one Suarez strop away from crumbling, he might push to leave in January if Real Madrid are having a bad season. I think Everton’s squad are a little light and last year forwards weren’t doing enough so if anything happened to mini Drogba then they could struggle in front of goals.  There are a lot of good players in Merseyside just now.

Louis: Liverpool have had a fantastic start to the season and certainly have the depth of squad to compete for a top 4 finish, however despite the impressive starting XI Everton have id be surprised if they could achieve the same. Everton have been a joy to watch so far, with the likes of young Ross Barkley and Lukaku they have players good enough to take them to the next level but this season may be too soon, as long as they progress as a team Martinez will be happy. Liverpool have every chance especially when you consider the strange start to the season Chelsea and Manchester United have had. Brendan Rodgers has built an impressive squad of players and hopefully we can now see the fruits of his labour.

Sean: False – Liverpool have a chance but Everton will fade away, would be funny but if Everton got Champions League football and Man U didn’t, Fellaini will be one pissed off guy.  Liverpool are another team that’s impressed me this season, they are playing some lovely football.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is quite simply the coolest footballer in the history of the game


Kevin False – Did you ever see Carlo Ancelotti in his prime? That eye brow movement is unique.

Louis: False – Zidane headbutts people in World Cup Finals if he doesn’t like them.

Sean: 100% TrueHave you read some of the things the guy comes away with? He is a God! He was offered a trial at Arsenal and says ‘No way, Zlatan doesn’t do auditions’. And my favourite, he got asked “who is the best looking woman in the world?” Zlatan coolly replied -“I don’t know. But when I find her, I will date her.

There you have it, the cynics have spoken do you agree? Comment below or tweet us @90minutecynic

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