True or False 25.08.2013 Celtic | Rangers | Inverness CT| Premiership | Manchester United | Arsenal | Chelsea

True or False 25.08.2013 Celtic | Rangers | Inverness CT| Premiership | Manchester United | Arsenal | Chelsea

True or False – Our regular feature were 90 Minute Cynic contemplates recent and upcoming events in the world of  football and  gather the opinion of the Cynics. Our questionnaire extraordinaire is Bryan McManus  and the men behind the answers are Neil Mason, Liam Power and Mark Edwards.

Today we focus on Celtic’s performance in the Champions League , Rangers manager Ally McCoist, Terry Butchers success in Inverness, Kenny Miller’s retirement, The Premiership and all the goings on at Aston Villa, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and how its commented on by Sky Sports new Monday Night Football team. If you would like to submit any questions to True or False or have any comments about the feature as a whole then contact us on twitter or email us at

Celtic’s defeat to Shakter Karagandy wasn’t due to the manager’s team selection or formation and was entirely due to extremely poor performances from the players as well as atrocious finishing.

Neil True – But I think that a lot of teams would struggle after travelling that distance. A defeat was still unacceptable though.  I can see Celtic winning comfortably in the return.

Liam False –  The manager took a selection gamble with the inclusion of Van Dijk and Mouyokolo in defence and continues to select the non-performing Forrest. However, the players also let him down badly on the night and failed to perform to the standards they have set in previous European games.

Mark False – It was due to the Scottish mentality. It was that all too familiar mixture of arrogance and ignorance that proved to be a cocktail for disaster. I remember when my Celtic “friends” (and I have clearly expressed that word in a sarcastic manner) heard they were playing a team from Kazakhstan they laughed, they shared some Borat jokes and when I warned them AND their team (Whom I individually tweeted), that if they didn’t take the game seriously they would lose exactly 2-0, they laughed at me. Water off a ducks back for me, but they were days away for tears and they couldn’t see it through their own arrogance.

You see, and I don’t want to generalise here, but every single Scottish person in the world thinks Europe only consists of France and Germany, many are not even aware that Spain exists, and those who do think it is in Asia. So when it comes to a country like Kazakhstan, they don’t know jack. They had literally no idea they were even going to be playing football that afternoon, they didn’t even train, they thought the whole trip was a joke, and hey it wasn’t and they got dominated.

Despite having worked in the media for so long Ally McCoist’s latest outburst (following his inciteful “we demand to know who these people are” and cringeworthy “we are the people”) in relation to the Ian Black betting scandal proves yet again that he is completely out of his depth in the prominent position he holds.

Neil False – My opinion is probably more impartial than most on the site! McCoist is dealing with pressures that most managers will never have to face. He isn’t out of his depth, but needs to reign in his emotions somewhat.

Liam True –  McCoist is a disgrace with these comments once again. He knows the rules and knows that his player is in clear violation of them. However, his continual “we are the people” comic show is exactly what the fans want to hear and he is tapping into the bonkers siege mentality on display in the land of Sevconia.

Mark False – I beg to disagree. His years of media training are brightly shining through here. There is nothing like an outburst to make your point, the media loves it and we the public thrive off it. Not getting my point? Well shut up and listen for once. Oasis are the worst band in history, their music is awful, in fact it’s goddamn awful, it’s total pure dog shit eaten by a Walrus, shat into a ducks mouth and sky bombed from the air into your ears.

But they have sold lots of records! Because they know how to communicate, through media outbursts, and again the media and the moronic public love it and If Ally McCoist released and album it would go straight to number 1 much like The Rangers will this year in whatever god forsaken division of the Scottish league they are in.

Terry Butcher has done a fantastic job at Inverness Caledonian Thistle and they will be Celtic’s main challengers for the title this season.

Neil True – Butcher deserves a lot more credit for what he’s achieved thus far. I think Caley will challenge Celtic more than any other team as they want to play for their manager.

Liam True – Despite his time at one of our bitterest rivals and his contribution to black Sunday, I cannot help but admire Butcher and think he has done a fantastic job at Caley. They have every chance of finishing second although will expect some competition from Aberdeen and Motherwell.

Mark False – Celtic main challengers for the title this year are THEMSELVES. They are in a league with no real competition at all, they will be fighting against football boredom in an effort to not self-destruct. Sure they will fall asleep on the pitch after being 4 goals up after 10 mins, but this is not what worries me, when people are bored they will look for entertainment elsewhere: drugs, each other’s wives and the constant taunting of each other which could spell the end for the team.

Kenny Miller announcing his retirement from International football is long overdue.

Neil False – I don’t know what the Scots hold against Miller. What other options have there been over the past 5 or 6 years? His international career was only prolonged by the lack of quality in the striking positions.

Liam True – If Scotland want to progress under Strachan then they need to learn how to win games against teams of (relative) equal ability. Kenny Miller will not help them to do that, but to his credit he has continually over performed for Scotland, especially against better teams and this was once again evident against England where he was superb.

Mark False – As a player he has made himself available. It’s up to the selectors to decide if he is the right man for the job. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of this guy so I’d like to conclude this answer by highlighting that the Scottish International Football team are terrible.

The best piece of business the Premiership has seen this summer is Aston Villa securing Christian Benteke on a new contract.

Neil True – Mainly because it was so unexpected and quite a coup. He will fire them to a top half finish.

Liam True – Benteke is already a great player and is destined for big things. I wrote previously for 90MC that he could already play for almost any club (depending on their style of play) and he has justified this hype with a blistering start to the season. Fingers crossed for more goals from the big lad and hopefully another kick to the head of John Terry.

Mark False – Wrong! It’s Arsenals promise of signings. Do you know how much all those Arsenal season tickets bring in? A shit load, they are god damn expensive. All the Arsenal members signed up for another year under the promise of signings and so far the club hasn’t paid a single cent on new signings! That’s business, you collect the money from the small guy and fuck them in the arse at the same time.

Jose Mourinho is showing that this time, he is in a job for the long term and wants to build a dynasty at Chelsea similar to what Sir Alex did at Manchester United.

Neil False – I think Jose knows that as long as Abramovich is in charge, it’s unlikely any manager will be there in the long term.

Liam False – I don’t think we will see another Fergie type stint in the modern game, clubs just aren’t patient enough for this. If the Special (Cheating) One went a season at Chelsea without winning a trophy he will be sacked.

Mark False – Jose was the manager of one of the biggest most successful clubs in the world (despite the bunch of wankers they are). Now in the end Jose was not happy there, after a handful of years, as it always does, it all fell apart. In his last season he didn’t deliver and he looked bloody miserable. Now this is exactly the same as his previous last season at Chelsea. Jose does NOT want to be at Chelsea, no one does, he had been backed into a corner. He will be gone soon enough and if in the meantime you believe the shit that comes out of this guy’s mouth then that’s your choice and I won’t judge you. You fucking moron.

Despite their sulks and protestation Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez will not be sold by their current clubs during this transfer window.

Neil False – I think both will be elsewhere in a weeks time

Liam False – I think Suarez especially will force a move from Liverpool and if they can get £50m or above they should let him go. Rooney is harder to call, Moyes will be crucified if he sells him and United struggle but Rooney does not seem to be a happy person at the club.

Mark False – I have travelled into the future and seen that these 2 players have in fact been sold by their clubs, in this transfer window, you call it sulking and protestation, I call it Professional Self Transfer Management (PSTM). Now I can’t give you any more details as it will violate the laws of the Time Enforcement Commission (TEC) and Jean-Claude Van Damme will kick my arse.

The introduction of Jamie Carragher to Sky Sports Monday Night Football is genius; him and Gary Neville provide the best and most honest football analysis on television (despite them both having incredibly annoying voices)

Neil True – I think having two former rivals makes for good television. I’m not sure what’s so annoying about Neville’s voice though.

Liam True –  Although I have to be honest I haven’t seen much of the scouser. Neville impresses me with the way he dissects the games and delivers his analysis in an easy and refreshing way.

Mark True – Watching Jamie Carragher is a delight. Now although I can’t understand a word he says, I can feel and see what he is saying through his emotion and his body language, and this to me is more powerful than words. It’s like a great foreign film where the subtitles don’t matter. On top of this pairing him with Gary Neville has created a classic Bert and Ernie type relationship, we all love the muppets and these 2 are better than any Jim Henson characters I have seen yet.

There you have it, the cynic have spoken.  Do you agree? Comment below or tweet us @90minutecynic

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