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Today we focus on Celtic’s use of the loan system, when the time comes to give up on an injury plagued player, the Scottish Premiership, the return of the EPL and national team management. If you would like to submit any questions to True or False or have any comments about the feature as a whole then contact us on twitter or email us at

1.  Celtic’s use of the loan system has been a sensible way of recruiting players and will ensure money isn’t wasted.

Chris Gallagher: TRUE – The loan system is something that is utilized very well in Italian football. It’s a low risk way of unearthing a gem and has been successful so far this season with Berget and Denayer looking good. Ultimately, I would like players signed on long term deals but if those deals come from loan deals then where’s the harm?
Chris Sermanni: TRUE –  Given that every penny counts at the club, if possible, it makes sense to sign players on loan with an option to buy. Pukki and Boerrigter would probably be back in Germany and Holland if they had been brought in this way (though we would never have had Derks song)
Ciaran Harran: FALSE – Ideally when you buy a player you have a view that you want to develop them while at the same time building a successful team, ultimately selling the player on earning a profit therefore not wasting money. Sometimes it doesn’t happen but that’s the gamble you take. Loan players at the end of the day are not yours, they belong to another club so if you give them the platform to improve, you get no recognition and no money when they are sold on by their parent club. If you are always bringing in loan players you will be always rebuilding your team year on year which is no use and won’t bring stability or a solid team unit.

2.  Yet another injury to James Forrest should signal the end of his time at Celtic as the club cannot continue to rehabilitate injury prone players.

Chris Gallagher: True/False – It’s hard to sell a player that is constantly injured, would he pass a medical? James Forrest is a frustrating player, all too often he disappoints but when he’s on form he can be devastating. With the emergence of MacGregor and the likes of Henderson, Forrest may struggle to get into the team if it clicks.
Chris Sermanni: TRUE –  Cheerio James. Until they invent bionic hamstrings, you’re fucked.
Ciaran Harran: TRUE – Yet another injury to James Forrest should signal the end of his time at Celtic as the club cannot continue to rehabilitate injury prone players.

3. Both Aberdeen and Dundee United have failed to show any real improvement so far in the opening league fixtures and this suggests they are still some way off the level needed to compete against Celtic for the title.

Chris Gallagher: FALSE – Neither team will compete for the title but they can strive to make the points gap smaller. Dundee United have made a decent start to the season, defeating their main rivals for second, Aberdeen and Motherwell. Aberdeen will be more consistent after a poor opening defeat and have a well balanced first team.
Chris Sermanni: TRUE/FALSE –  I don’t think it’s fair to say they haven’t improved – Aberdeen in particular looked impressive in their European ties – but it’s definitely true they are a million miles from challenging Celtic. Both sides may well compete in one off games against us, but they both lack consistency.

Ciaran Harran: TRUE – To be honest I don’t think either team will ever be at a level that could challenge Celtic for the title. Celtic are a much bigger club and always will be both financially and squad depth and quality.

3.  Sam Allardyce said this week that managers should find a system to fit the players rather than the other way round. He is wrong.

Chris Gallagher: TRUE –  Sam Allardyce is a footballing dinosaur, a clown of a football manager, still living off his Bolton days. He’s never truly built a legacy and therefore I understand why he is saying this……the arsehole.
Chris Sermanni: FALSE – Sam Allardyce’s sides consistently play dreadful football, so Sam is talking pish. He seems to take players and fit them into his system of being boring as fuck at every club he manages.
Ciaran Harran: FALSE – It would cost too much to bring in players that fit into a managers system. The manager could come in and possibly only a few players could be suitable for his system. But now a day’s most managers systems are pretty similar so there might not need to be too much upheaval when the new manager comes in.

4.  The idea that 5 or 6 teams will contest the English Premier League this season is false. In reality the big money teams Man City and Chelsea will fight for the title.

Chris Gallagher: TRUE – It’s Chelsea or Man City’s title. The rest have bought the odd good player, Sanchez at Arsenal for example, but haven’t improved their overall team. It’s a two horse race, a glorified Scottish Premiership.
Chris Sermanni: TRUE – They have the biggest and best squads and will be more consistent than any other side. Arsenal, Man U and Liverpool lack the class and depth necessary to win it.
Ciaran Harran: TRUE – Ultimately it will be one of these two that will win the league, but I do think that Liverpool and Arsenal will run them close for most of the season like Liverpool did last season.

5.  Antonio Conte was appointed as manager of the Italian national team this week, however,international management is a waste of young managerial talent and is better suited to older experienced managers.

Chris Gallagher: FALSE – It’s an odd move for Conte in my eyes but one that he will have the measure of. It’s a perfect fit for the Italian national team and one that harks back to a time when the national team was seen as the main goal for every manager. I would have much prefered to see him lead Juventus to a European trophy but if he does something similar with Italy in France in 2016, he’ll have the pick of clubs.
Chris Sermanni: TRUE – Even though i’m delighted Conte has left Juve, and taken charge of the national side, I do think it’s a strange move so early in his career. It’s essentially a part time role, unless Conte has something grander in mind.
Ciaran Harran: TRUE – It’s a part time job! Also it’s hard to be successful as there is only a tournament every second year.


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