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Transfer Target | Player Profile | Remy Cabella | Newcastle United

Name: Remy Cabella
Current Club: Montpellier HSC
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Age: 23 (8 March 1990)
Nationality: French
Most Recent Transfer Fee: Youth Team Graduate

Newcastle United fan Michael Chapman considers the loss of midfield maestro Yohan Cabaye and looks, somewhat emotionally, to the future for the Toon.

With the January transfer window coming to a close the rumours of wor  Dreamboat heading out of town are ever increasing. As desperately sad as it makes me the reality is that Yohan Cabaye’s wages can be easily doubled by clubs with Champions League playing time to offer. He’s given us two and a half seasons of brilliant passing, beautiful free kicks and some dirty, dirty tackles. He has given blood, sweat and tears for us and whilst it pains me to say it, he deserves something bigger.

I, of course, am hoping any deal, if it occurs, allows him to finish the season with us. After all PSG really do not need him currently, they can wait a few months no? Of course that gives us the ability to continue our momentum this season and potentially make the Europa League again. The eventual sale of Cabaye, since the figure would already be known, will allow us to search for his replacement prior to summer.

The man discussed in the papers most recently is Remy Cabella, an attacking midfielder from MHSC. While not a direct replacement Cabella seems to be high on the rumor list. Statistically he seems to at least tick two of the categories, goals and assists. Comparing the Montpellier midfielder’s recent league form with the Newcastle delivery man demonstrates that fact.

Remy Cabella

But look a little closer and you can also see differences. The young French midfielder is only 23, very slight and quick in close quarters. Of Cabella’s six goals this season five have been scored from inside the 18 yard box. In case you are wondering it was the same last season, all seven goals within the same area of the pitch. He is also incredibly reliant on his right foot, five of six scored with that peg. Oddly enough last season was different as four were scored on his left and three on his right. You’ll see why that is important in a moment. In this season’s 21 Ligue 1 appearances he has placed 19 shots on target. Last season a full 22 shots were on target, meaning clearly the lad has decided to shoot more, much more.

Wor beloved Yohan is significantly older at 28, which could be argued is partially responsible for the reported PSG valuation of £14m. Of this year’s seven goals, four have come from outside the 18 yard box, and they have all been right footed. Last seasons goals were 50% from outside the box and were again, all right footed. Cabaye makes significantly less attempts to take a defender on, so despite a much higher success percentage do not be decieved. He is not the same player when faced with a choice of pass or dribble.

The rumors, though varied have Cabella coming to Newcastle for £12.5m, which I’d say is a fair price. Considering he is in his early twenties and yet produces a similar amount of goals and assists as Cabaye. Combined with the profit Mike Ashley can reap with selling Yohan Cabaye, a reported three times the £5m paid, who can blame him?

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Michael is a cat enthusiast and a talented beard cultivator from middle America. To supplement the dull ache that comes with being a Newcastle United FC supporter he not-so-secretly roots for Celtic, Ajax and Borussia Dortmund. Besides football his other hobby is being the living embodiment of the Korean word Han. Follow Michael on twitter @NUFC_monkey

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