The Supplement First Edition: Now Available as a Free Magazine Download

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When we launched The Supplement on the second last day of 2016 it was an acknowledgement that football media has changed drastically in a short period of time. Twitter is the ultimate proponent of the media we now consume; fast, continuous and bit-sized. Like fast food, it’s instant gratification and has you coming back for more soon after.

At 90 Minute Cynic we enjoy and embrace this. We’ve moved our detailed and longer discussions about Celtic and everything else in the football world from in front of your eyes on our website to in your ear with our (almost) weekly hour and a half long podcasts.

However, in launching The Supplement we also wanted to carve out and maintain a space for the longer, quality read. Since we run 90 Minute Cynic as a labour of love there just wasn’t enough hours in busy everyday lives to update a website with the quality we wanted on the regular basis now required.

Instead, we decided to take our time and ask our writers to contribute one piece every two months. Articles in every different shape and form, on Celtic and on anything else. Then we release them all at the same time to be enjoyed at your leisure. An opportunity to take a step back and enjoy a dish that has taken a long time to be put together and which demands your attention for a lot longer than 140 characters. 

The content – the actual writing – was only one part of the Supplement. Of course it’s what’s on the inside that is the most important, but it can be enhanced dramatically with a stunning exterior.

Thanks to the talents of Christopher Boud (@TheChrisBoud) we now have the quality of the first edition of The Supplement wrapped in a spectacular magazine form for you to download and discover again. We’re incredible proud of what our writers and designers has produced. Once we get some time and put all the ingredients together again, we’ll serve you the second edition in the same delicious package. 

90 Minute Cynic: Podcast. Twitter. The Supplement. 

Good things comes to those who wait.

Christian came to Scotland in 2001 and nobody have still managed to get rid of him. A native of Oslo, Norway, he was a huge fan of Ronny Deila before it was cool and still is now that nobody likes him anymore. Christian joined the Cynics in 2014 and is now website editor and infrequent podcaster. He has previously written for The Herald, Scotsman and has also contributed to STV (face) and BBC (voice)

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