THE 90 MINUTE CYNIC 4 AYES – Soup By Spence, No Stopping Naismith and Ronnie Rues Rudderless Celtic


First of all, apologies for no 4 Ayes last week. After being thoroughly let down by Strachan’s men against Georgia, I had very little to say other than get in the sea to every man, woman and beast. From now on, I’m treating Scotland internationals in the same way I treat Jon Favreau films….Zero expectations and on the rare occasion I enjoy the performance, I’ll still complain about the price of admission.
Anyway, we’re back with a bang, as this weekend has provided some excellent talking points. We’ll give a big thumbs up to a fine Scottish journalist (yes, such a thing exists), a nod of acknowledgement to a guy who let us down in Georgia, a wake up call to a certain Norwegian manager and a boot up the arse to a guy who dodged a bullet last time round.

Aye, Pure Belter

Jim Spence, what a champion. Whilst I’m disappointed Spency is no longer on the wireless, the City of Discovery’s finest red head has treated us to some sterling banter on Twitter these last few weeks. It’s been a masterclass in whit without resorting to pedantic name calling or storming off in a huff. Clearly Gers fans won’t share my sentiments, but I’m not fussed. Jim’s tweets reflect the same banter in stadiums, pubs and bookies all over Scotland. Its just a pity the majority of other Scottish journalists are full on mince.
Jim, really hope your back on the airwaves soon, but in the meantime keep up the Twitter masterclass and next time you’re in the capital give me a shout – we’ll compare un-liquidised soup recipes over a jar or two.

Aye, Fair Do’s Pal


Missing in Georgia but masterful on Merseyside

It’s through gritted teeth that I’m congratulating Stephen Naismith for his hat trick against Chelsea, where was that performance last Friday? To be fair, whilst Naismith was nonexistent in Tibilisi, he was in a team littered with diddies.
Everton have put in some excellent results in recent weeks and Roberto Martinez is once again flavour of the month. I thought his handling of the John Stones transfer was exemplary, which meant he was 1-0 up in the pre match mind games with Jose. Speaking of which, I hope the ‘chosen one’ is very close to ‘doing one’ soon.
Also, shout out to Leicester City, a great comeback against Villa. I expected Ranieri to be a disaster, but the tinkerman is smashing it in the Midlands. Tough luck Timmy Sherwood.

Maybes Aye, Maybes Naw


Ronny is feeling the pressure but is it all his fault?

Ronnie Deila, things are just not clicking. Too many important games and not enough positive results. It’s difficult to be critical of Deila, I like his ideas and want him to succeed, but this season has not been a progression from last. My main gripe is Deila talks about having a strong squad, yet he fails to drop players who are out of form. Mackay-Stevens and Johansen have not performed anywhere near their best, but they still feature regularly. Boyata is giving every Celtic fan chest pains just now, but he appears to be another certain pick. Either the squad is weak, or Ronnie’s evaluation of first team player’s performance is way off.
However, I don’t think people should be talking about moving Ronnie on, for two reasons:
I) The second half of last season looked positive and Ronnie should be given a chance to get the train back on the rails. Time is on his side with the league, albeit the Europa League could be painful.
II) Who else is there to do the job?! The club would have to go for another unknown ‘project’ or one of the usual average Joe’s linked with the job. Owen Coyle or Jackie McNamara, no thanks.
Regardless, well done to Aberdeen, top of the league on merit. Celtic could learn a few things from McInnes’ men, especially at the back. The Dons are title contenders until further notice.

Aye Right, Get In The Sea


Get the scuba gear on Brendan

We were treated to some cracking goals in Saturday evening’s bout at Old Trafford, but the main impression I was left with was Liverpool are pushovers. As the scousers were gubbed in their last match against West Ham, I was expecting a full blooded effort against their old foe. But aside from the Benteke stoater, Liverpool were gash. If I was Rodgers I’d be embarrassed at the amount of money that’s been pissed away on mediocrity.
Take a deep breath Brendan and hop overboard.



Martin's an Edinburgh based Celtic fan (you'll find him at Parkhead in section 123) and when he can bothered he keeps an eye out for SpVgg Greuther Fürth, Germany's answer to Inverness Caledonian Thistle - Forza Kleeblätter! His match day playlist will always consist of the Boss, Morrissey & the Manics.

'THE 90 MINUTE CYNIC 4 AYES – Soup By Spence, No Stopping Naismith and Ronnie Rues Rudderless Celtic' have 1 comment

  1. September 14, 2015 @ 12:27 pm Joe Murray

    Great article Martin. Like you, I want to see Ronny do well. And I also agree that certain players need benched to give them a kick up the backside. Certainly Johanson is my first choice for this. I don’t think we’re creating enough chances and when we do Leigh Griffiths is expected to do the job himself. We are going in the right direction but it’s a stop start on the way. Especially since we have to rebuild almost every year. It’s only going to get worse. Pretty soon we’ll be struggling to compete with League One teams for potential signings.


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