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The great Jock Stein played his part in changing the face of football. The legendary manager was famously quoted as saying, “football without the fans is nothing” how right he was! Here at 90 Minute Cynic, we want to reinforce the great mans words and give the games most important people, the fans, their say.

Today we speak to Colin McCredie. Colin is an actor, famous for, among other things, playing DC Stuart Fraser in Taggart.  Colin will be Appearing in Thank You by Catrin Evans @playpiepint Glasgow Oranmor Feb 4-9 & Ayr Gaiety Theatre Feb 13-16. Follow Colin on twitter @colinmccredie

What team do you support?

St Johnstone.

How often to you go to watch your team?

Probably manage about once a month, due to work. So rather than buy a season ticket I sponsor a player’s top. Captain Dave Mackay.

What’s your first memory of “going to the football”?

A Midweek game at the long gone Muirton Park in Perth aged 7. It was Wednesday May 1979 against our arch rivals Dundee. It seems like only yesterday. We won 3-2 on a lovely’s early summer night, perfect to ignite a love for St Johnstone & Football!

What do you think of entrance prices at football?

Far to expensive and really a waste of money.

I do applaud St Johnstone who are running a brilliant initiative this season. It’s only £15 for an adult & up to 2 kids which is a total bargain and an affordable way to get family’s & kids interested.

What’s your average spend on match days?

I would guess up to £45 to get to Perth from Glasgow where I live incl admission.

Do you buy club merchandise from official club outlets if not why not?

Not really one for buying merchandise. I tend to spend more buying retro & interesting memorabilia from Ebay.

Do you think your club could be doing more to “connect” with fans?

Think Saints are doing their best & the Family ticket is total bargain!

Are you in favour of reintroducing standing areas at stadiums?

Yes, all for giving fans the choice to sit or stand. I grew up on the terracing of Muirton Park and would love for that option to be brought back.

Do you play at any level?

Not, now sadly.

Do you or would you consider coaching at any level?

No just a spectator!

If you could implement one thing for the good of the game what would it be?

Goal line technology.

Favourite moment following your team?

A weird one. Losing out on being First Division Champions in 2007. It was the last day of the season & we needed to beat Hamilton away & hope Gretna failed to win at Ross County. There were 4000 Saints fans and in the end Saints scraped a 4-3 victory. At the final whistle, the fans & teams went crazy as Gretna were drawing in Dingwall. What no-one realised was that their game was running 15 mins late due to an accident on the Kessock Bridge. We all regained our composure & the team went off the pitch to await the outcome. This was the longest most nail biting quarter of an hour of my life.

At 5.03, tragedy struck James Grady struck in injury time to win the game & league for Gretna. The jubilation turned to despair for the fans & players. We’d had defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. It was a sore one, and the players trooped out to cheers of consolation. The Agony & the Ecstasy of being a Football supporter in one game!

Summed up for me what is great about following St Johnstone (& Scotland!) the Hope & Despair!

Favourite football moment not featuring your team?

Man United beating Bayern Munich to win the Champions League Final in 1999. In 90 minutes it was Bayern’s trophy but 3 mins later & United had snatched it off them!!


If you could have been at any game in history what would it be?

Scotland V Holland at World Cup 1978 in Argentina, to see the Wizard Archie Gemmell’s greatest goal ever!

The thing that annoys you most about football?

Over paid players cheating.

What makes your club so special?

I love St Johnstone cos they are a local team who live within their means. They have no debt and are a club who care about what’s best for the club & not short term gain. They are also the only professional football club with a J in their name!!

Living proof that Thomas Jefferson was wrong when he said “all men are created equal” although considering Thomas Jefferson also said an African nation would win the World Cup before the year 2000 why should anyone listen to him? Bryan has a passion for Celtic, a love of football and a tendency to make completely absurd statements in such a way that you might actually agree with them. Follow on twitter @bryanmcmanus

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