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Football Without The Fans Is Nothing | Norwich City | The great Jock Stein played his part in changing the face of football. The legendary manager was famously quoted as saying, “football without the fans is nothing” how right he was! Here at 90 Minute Cynic, we want to reinforce the great mans words and give the games most important people, the fans, their say.

Today we speak to Daniel Kelly. Daniel is host of the Danger Zone Podcast @dzpodcast. Follow Daniel on twitter @DK_NCFC

What team do you support?

Norwich City

How often to you go to watch your team?

Season ticket holder home and occasionally away

What’s your first memory of “going to the football”?

I went with my uncle and mum when my dad was offshore to watch Norwich v Bury in 1998. It was a Sunday dinner time kick off and it was 0-0. We missed a penalty, which I missed cos we’d left early. Don’t know why I went back actually reading that back!

What do you think of entrance prices at football?

They are too high, but as long as fans are willing to keep paying more and more clubs will charge more and more. For every person who is ‘against modern football’, there’ll be 20 more willing to pay double for his seat.

What’s your average spend on match days?

Around £20, few drinks and a programme

Do you buy club merchandise from official club outlets if not why not?

I buy a home shirt whenever a new one is released. Don’t know how long that’ll continue though. I’ve got a thing against seeing people over a certain age in replica shirts.

Do you think your club could be doing more to “connect” with fans?

Not really. I think with the presence on twitter of our Chief Executive David NcNally, we have an easy way of getting something across to the club which we know more times than not will be seen.

Are you in favour of reintroducing standing areas at stadiums?

Yes and no. Yes for atmosphere, and no for obvious safety reasons. If seating reduces the chance of a tragedy like Hillsborough ever occurring again, why change anything? I think I’m in the minority when I say that I have no real problem with sitting. People lives are more important than a few songs.

Do you play at any level?

Hahahahaha, no.

Do you or would you consider coaching at any level?

Absolutely, I think any football fan would jump at the chance to get involved someway or another.

If you could implement one thing for the good of the game what would it be?

A much harsher stance on crowd trouble. I’m talking serious bans, not just pointless fines. Take for instance the Chris Kirkland incident. I’m sure most Leeds fans will lament the guy but at the end of the day it’s not just a one off. Points deductions and closed stadiums are the only way to stop it. Zero tolerance throughout every league.

The same applies to racism, be it from players or fans. Kevin Prince Boateng had the right idea. If you get called a name, you walk off, simple as that. I think depriving fans of what they want to see is the only way of stopping it from the stands.

Favourite moment following your team?

Has to be the whole 10/11 championship promotion season. Words can’t describe how compelling it was, an absolute rollercoaster. A single moment that stands out was Simeon Jackson’s winner at Carrow Road in the last, last, last minute of added time against Derby to keep us ahead of Cardiff in 2nd.

‘IT’S UTTER CHAOS AT CARROW ROAD’ yelled the local radio commentator. Not ashamed to say I cried tears of joy. Stunning.

Favourite football moment not featuring your team?

AGUUUUEEEERRRROOOOOOOO! No other league in the world could provide that sort of drama.

If you could have been at any game in history what would it be?

The obvious answer is the 66 world cup final and I think I’d have to go with that.

The thing that annoys you most about football?

Plastic fans of the big clubs. Come back to me when you’ve seen your side get battered 7-1 in league one by Colchester, then tell me that it’s frustrating sometimes following a team that’s worth half a billion. The one thing that those fans will never have is moments like the one I mentioned against Derby. They just don’t get it.

What do you think of the transfer window? Should it stay or should clubs be allowed to buy at any point of the season?

I think the deadline day has turned into a money-making exercise for Sky Sports, albeit a very entertaining one. I have no problems with it to be honest.

What makes your club so special?

I couldn’t tell you. It’s something indescribable. Other Norwich fans will get it, others will not. It’s completely intangible. We’re just special!

Anything else you want to say?

Sloop John B needs to be kicked out of football. Terrible tune which is used for every single new song these days.

Living proof that Thomas Jefferson was wrong when he said “all men are created equal” although considering Thomas Jefferson also said an African nation would win the World Cup before the year 2000 why should anyone listen to him? Bryan has a passion for Celtic, a love of football and a tendency to make completely absurd statements in such a way that you might actually agree with them. Follow on twitter @bryanmcmanus

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