Contentious 10 – The Best WORST Football Strips

It’s another edition of our ever popular Contentious 10 series. Today sees lover of football jerseys and Google images, Sean Larkins give us a run down of  his Top 10 favourite worst football tops of all time. 

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This time of year sees the release of so many new football kits, we have published some on our Twitter feed @90minutecynic. From the awesome PSV Eindhoven Centenary Kit to the utterly ridiculous Liverpool home, away & 3rd outfits. New kits always spark some debate and there will have been some major arguments over this lot, or would there have been?

Without any half decent football on TV since the season ended, my mind turned to all the new kit releases which, in turn, allowed me to reminisce on days gone by. So I bring you my favourite worst football tops of all time.

10. Mexico 1994 Goalkeeper Kit


Jorge Campos designed his own tops, this was designed to put opponents off…. works for me!

9. Rangers 1994-1997 Goalkeeper Kit

hunsgoalie1hunsgoalie 200

Adidas went a bit mental during this period, not only by signing with Rangers but by releasing insane designs. I was in two minds (just like the Rangers goalie at the time) of what was worse ,so I went for both.

8. Celtic 1991 Away Kit



Sorry to add a Celtic top but what were we thinking with this top? The crazy browns and what looks like a graph of Rangers share prices running down it, thank god we got shot of Umbro.

7. Partick Thistle 2009 Away Kit


The Jags went through a mental time with away tops over the last few seasons. First there was the pink away top, then this bad boy.  Mario Balotelli must have had this top because I am sure he painted his car like this.

6. Caribou of Colorado 1978 Home Kit


When searching the web this top came up time and time again but I have no idea if it’s real or not. If it is genuine, cowboy hats off to the men that went out and played in this. Wonder if they wore chaps instead of shorts as well.

5. Vfl Bochum Home Kit 1998


Really don’t think I need to say too much about this top, it looks like a gay pride flag.  I would be walking with my head down and my jacket zipped right up on the walk to the stadium.

4. Scotland 1993 Away Kit


I hated this top, to this day I am still unsure what colour it is, orange? red? and what’s with the writing printed into it. It’s just all wrong.

3. F.C Barcelona 2012 Away Kit

barca away

Wasn’t sure if I should include this or not but let’s be honest, what was going through the Barca hierarchies heads when they signed off  on this top? Even the Barca players came out and said they didn’t enjoy playing in this kit, some even saying it was bad luck.

2. Huddersfield Town 1993 Goalkeeper Kit


I could have compiled a whole top 10 with just goalie tops. Most from the late 80’s and early 90’s were bad, really bad, but this one takes the biscuit. Whoever designed this must have been on something.

1. Hull City 1992 Home Kit


The Tigers really took their nickname to the next level by making a tiger print top.  I am not sure if this is actually clever or just plain crazy but hands down this is the worst top I have ever seen.

Do you like any of these kits or maybe even actually have any? What would have made your top 10?

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