Contentious 10 – Top 10 Celtic Goals

The return of our Contentious 10 series sees Karen Gillespie give us a run down of her Top 10 Celtic Goals. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @90minutecynic.

When people talk about their top 10 goals, some tend to talk about goals they have seen on TV when they were 5, in black in white, on the telly. My top 10 goals are more recent, and in my life time…..And I actually saw/remember them!

Pierre  Van Hooijdonk | Scottish Cup Final  1995 Celtic 1-0 Airdrie  

Big Pierre only just made it into my top 10.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved him….at the time.  He scored 52 goals in 84 appearances for Celtic over the course of 1995-97. Not bad. He brought some excitement and glamour to Hampden Park, once we figured out who he was. He also helped guide Celtic to their first trophy in 6 years!

Mind you, bringing glamour to Hampden at that time didn’t take much.  Toilet paper was glamorous at Hampden!

However, taking the huff over an alleged £7000 a week rise in his salary, and claiming it was only “good enough for the homeless to live on”  and not “an international striker” rankled the support a bit.

Shame really, cos he gave us some great goals, some great songs, and millions of rumours about the type of pubs he liked to frequent.  So for that alone, he gets to stay in!

Paolo Di Canio debut | SPL | Kilmarnock 1-3 Celtic

Di Canio came on as a substitute and right away you knew he was going to be special. His control, his tenacity and he was Italian!

If the balls in the net and it’s not Jorge Cadette, its Di Canio.  Then he ruined it all by being a fascist.

Harald Brattbak | SPL | Celtic 2-0 St Johnstone

Harald Brattbakk stopped 10 in a Row. That’s about all you can say about poor Harald….Other than he was nervy, anxious and pretty scared. Henk scored the first goal, obviously, but Harald sealed the victory and shut them up.  Thank God!

John Hartson |  UEFA Cup Quarter Final (2nd Leg) |  Liverpool 0-2  Celtic  

What a screamer ! A quick 1-2 with Larsson, who else, and  Dudek had no chance  as Big John scored one of his best goals ever. The battle of Britain, again, and we won again.

We were starting to believe! Damnitt! If he had played in the UEFA Cup final, things may have been different, but he made a huge impact in getting us there.

A £6million striker and worth every penny.  I loved Big John but in my opinion, he was totally underrated at Celtic. I even heard a  “fan”  complain that “all he does is score goals”.

He  might not have been the fastest but he gave his all, and I like that in a striker.  When he kissed the badge, he meant it.

Henrik Larsson | UEFA Cup Semi Final (2nd Leg) | Boavista 0-1 Celtic

UEFA Cup Semi Final second leg in Portugal, it wasn’t going well but Henrik scored after 78 minutes to send us into delirium…Just ask Peter Martin!

After a 1-2 with Big John, he scored and made up for his penalty miss in the first Leg.  And so everybody in Scotland, except my husband and I, booked their flights to Seville. Sombrero’s, donkeys and inflatable balls were quickly purchased and brought along to The Fortress of Darkness 4 days later, so we could all gloat at Rangers…..and of course beat them.

Ah memories!

Henrik Larsson chipping Klos | Glasgow Derby | Celtic 6-2 Rangers

Sutton setting up Larsson, as was often the case, and a  sublime finish. My all time favourite goal against Rangers, possibly ever!

Henrik, for me, was and is the best Celtic player I have ever seen. For 7 magnificent years we were thrilled, excited and spoilt by Henk.  242 goals in 315 appearances. When he left, there was a huge void that Henri Camara just couldn’t fill!

To be honest, I specifically tried not to make my top 10 Celtic Goals all Larsson related, as was feared when I was asked to do this article. He was and is amazing ( He had 0% body fat you know!) However, it’s probably my favourite goal ever.  It’s by Henrik and it’s against Rangers.  What more do you want/need/care?

Craig Bellamy | SPL | Dundee Utd 2-3 Celtic  

I know a hat trick is 3 goals but if anyone needs a wee ego boost it’s Mr Bellamy.

Bellamy was only at Celtic for half a season and only because he fell out with Souness, not that that’s a bad thing. Trouble follows Craig wherever he goes. Abusive text messages to team mates, assaults with a golf club, fall outs with managers, comparisons with gardeners wage’s …..

However, he was brilliant at Tannadice and ran the show, scoring after 5 minutes.  Each goal was special, but when Douglas punted the ball up field, and Sutton flicked it on to Bellamy, to shoot for his hat trick – brilliant.

However, leaving us for Blackburn Rovers?  Really?

Shunsuke Nakamura | Champions League Group Stage | Celtic 1-0 Manchester Utd

Nakamura scored many an impressive free kick, but this goal meant that we qualified to the knock-out stages of the Champions League – Wow!

Naka scored in 80 minutes, a sweet 30 yard free kick which he was renowned for.  It was the highlight of the game, which had been pretty nervy.  Boruc saved a penalty from Saha in the dying minutes to seal the victory.

Nakamura signing was initially viewed as being a cynical ploy to appeal to the Asian market, mass marketing of replica tops, T.V rights etc.

But he was named Man of the Match in his debut against Dundee Utd, in August 2005, after a fantastic performance.  And  after that we all wore head bands with pictures of the rising sun. Lovely.

Tony Watt | Champions League Group Stage | Celtic 2-1 Barcelona

The Group of Death…..His Champion League debut…..What a game….What a goal.

Big Victor had scored first  from a corner in the 21st minute to put Celtic in the lead against the mighty Barcelona. We had been here before though, a mere fortnight before.

But then Tony came on in the 72nd minute to make his Champions League debut  and score against one the best teams in the world in the to make it 2-0.

Ok, so Messi  scored in injury time but hey ho, we held on to ensure a momentous victory. No-one thought we would qualify. Barcelona, Benfica , Spartak Moscow and Celtic. Their budgets ,  their players, their experience….

But we did, and we beat Barcelona, the best team in the world too.  Well at that point they were! Juventus may have put us out, but we have the memories.

Scott Brown | Scottish Cup | Rangers 2-2 Celtic 

Let’s all do The Broonie.

Scott Brown enjoyed some ‘banter’ with El-Hadji  Diouf during the Scottish Cup 5th round match, before scoring the equaliser. His celebration, arms stretched wide, standing right in front of Diouf, should be trademarked it’s been copied so much, including by said Diouf….but then he has no originality anyway.

Scott Brown has matured into a great club captain.  He brings energy, tenacity, drive, and focus to the game, and Celtic play much better with him, than without.

His dress sense sucks tho…..

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