Fourth Edition


Stories From A Reserve Team Left-Back: In Lisbon with the Lions

The small village of Copmanthorpe – affectionately known as Cop – is located just outside York and consists of two pubs, a Co-op and some of the finest manicured lawns in all of England. At the centre of it all you’ll find Patrick Solich, a resident since birth and holder of the most important position…


Summer 2004: The pre-season of our discontent

In a regular column, our resident historian Graeme McKay delves into Celtic’s rich history and take a closer look at the players, coaches and teams that makes up the tapestry of the club. In this edition, he explores the a summer that was anything but sunny. It felt fairly underwhelming. The real goodbye had happened at…


An interview with Bisto Flood: Moulded by the crazy world of League of Ireland

For most football fans, the divide between players and fans is a chasm that is only widening as the money being pumped into the game continues to skyrocket. In modern football, the multimillionaire players have little in common with the fans that support them. But there is a place in the football world where this…


Editorial, Fourth Edition; Politics and football, Celtic and the Green Brigade

Politics and sport don’t mix. A sentence often uttered. A sentence lacking in knowledge, history and insight. A sentence completely wrong.   Ever since most modern sports started to become codified and regulated during the latter part of the 19th century, they have been closely interlinked with the politics, the social attitudes and the cultural…

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