Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Cathkin Park Stands

THIS ARTICLE IS FROM THE 8TH EDITION OF THE CYNICAL, OUR FREE ONLINE MAGAZINE. DOWNLOAD THE CYNICAL HERE: EPUB FORMAT  (great for iBooks and other e-readers) PDF FORMAT   ’Sixty-seven…in the heat of Lisbon, the fans came in their thousands, to see the Bhoys become Champions… sixty-seven’ Week in, week out, to the present day, these…


To Colt or Not To Colt; The Norwegian Experience

Whether top flight teams in Scotland should be allowed to play their colt teams in the lower tiers of the SPFL is the very emotive question that has intensified in recent weeks. Christian Wulff has spoken to two Norwegian football experts to see how a similar system has worked there and what their recommendation for…


Celtic and Rangers; A Rivalry Moulded by Politics

More known for his tactical musings and statistical nerdery on Twitter, Politics degree holder Dougie Wright looks at how the political aspects of the rivalry between the two big Glasgow clubs evolved and whether in modern times it has transferred over into other causes and cultural allegiances.   Football and politics are strange bedfellows. In…


Dr. Strangeleagues or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SPFL Split

Thought the SPFL Premiership league structure was complicated? You’ve seen nothing yet. Jamie Kilday uses all his brain cells to try to understand some of the other alternatives  in European football and discovers that SPFL Split might not be that bad after all…   This season is the eighteenth year of ‘The Split’ and I’d…


Supporting Rangers and Scottish Independence

Being a Rangers fan and a Scottish nationalist has been quite an unfortunate mix over the past few years. My football club’s gone through quite a remarkable series of unfortunate events, while politically I’ve been on the losing side of two life changing referendums. Excellent.   Nevertheless, it is clear that many in Scottish society…


The Manager is Fired, Long Live the Manager: Characteristics of Managers in the SPFL

Before we were unsure of whether or not Mark Warburton had actually resigned or not, the last controversy surrounding a Scottish football manager involved 30-year-old Ian Cathro and his MacBook. Pundits and players alike told the young Hearts manager that he did not have the experience required to lead an SPFL club. Kilmarnock striker Kris…

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