UEFA’s Independent Thought Alarm

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – George Orwell It’s an inherently Scottish trait to tend towards pessimism; to look for the depraved in an otherwise gleaming ocean of positivity. Thus, after the Invincible Treble and credible Champions League performance from…


#Pro/Rel: The Civil War that Divides Soccer in the United States

Soccer (you better prepare yourself for a lot of use of the “S”-word) in the United States has seen various booms and recessions throughout the years. The years of Pele and the New York Cosmos are well known, but it could be argued that we are currently in the years where ‘soccer has made it’…


What Ever Happened To….FK Vojvodina

In a regular column, Tony McHugh will look at some of Celtic’s more unknown European opponents throughout its history and what the future held for the teams that once visited Celtic Park. In this issue it’s of course back to the 1966/67 season and Celtic’s quarter-final opponent, FK Vojvodina. If you’re a Celtic fan now getting into…


Big Ears Gets a New Suit: How the European Cup got less classy as it dressed up

‘The Big Cup’ is the best moniker for what we now know as the Champions League trophy and what was, once upon a time, simply the European Cup. It’s simple and pointedly at odds with the eye-roll inducing, grandiose over-dramaticism that accompanies everything about the modern incarnation of the competition. As much as the pomp…


The Sudden Rise and Continuing Fall of Luis Enrique

If you’ve ever been to Barcelona, chances are you’ve experienced the awe-inspiring sight of the city’s crown jewel: Sagrada Familia. The structure towers over its surroundings, projecting a feeling of enormity greater than the sum of its parts. It’s grand, it’s stunning, it’s not even complete. Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí designed the structure and oversaw…

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