I Expect You to Save; Introducing a new model to rate shot-stopping in the SPFL.

A life-long member of the Goalkeepers Union, Christian Wulff uses advanced stats to introduce a new method of measuring the shot-stopping performances of the goal custodians in the SPFL Premiership.   In a past life I was a goalkeeper. I was OK. Slow, not a great jump and quite the liability at crosses. But my…


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: A Champions League Stat Check-In

Celtic have faced each one of their Champions League group opponents once, so it seems like a good time to check on the numbers behind Celtic’s latest foray onto Europe’s biggest stage. Celtic currently sit 3rd in Champions League Group B, ahead of Anderlecht who have no points, and behind Bayern Munich with 6 points…


The Manager is Fired, Long Live the Manager: Characteristics of Managers in the SPFL

Before we were unsure of whether or not Mark Warburton had actually resigned or not, the last controversy surrounding a Scottish football manager involved 30-year-old Ian Cathro and his MacBook. Pundits and players alike told the young Hearts manager that he did not have the experience required to lead an SPFL club. Kilmarnock striker Kris…


Expecting an Explanation on Expected Goals: Celtic’s Improved Shot Quality

In a regular column, Matt Rhein will look at the numbers beyond the results in the SPFL Premiership and, most of all, for Celtic. One of the very few (maybe only) analysts that track and share expected goals data publicly for Scottish football, in this first edition he looks at what the metric actually means and…

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