90 Minute Cynic Patreon Launch!

There is no turning back now – we’re doing it!

The 90 Minute Cynic Patreon is now open for you to sign up to!

Today is the biggest day in 90 Minute Cynic’s history. We want to become THE alternative to the Celtic coverage you’re currently getting from the mainstream press: an independent media group that is fair but critical, knowledgeable about the club but not taking ourselves too seriously, made by Celtic fans for Celtic fans.

From 1st July we will be producing almost daily podcasts and videos covering everything to do with Celtic. We will have one person working full-time on creating material, with all this extra content being available through a Patreon subscription. Currently, there is nothing like this out there for Celtic fans.

Starting at £5.30/$7 a month, we hope to give subscribers a range and depth of Celtic coverage they can’t get anywhere else.

The different tiers of subscription and what you’ll get as a minimum for each one is detailed on our Patreon page. Once the first podcast is released we’ll also put a video out explaining how to access it on your usual podcast app.

If you sign up before the 1st July, you’ll get an exclusive 90 Minute Cynic badge and we’ll also release a few exclusive Patreon podcasts in May and June, giving you a taste of things to come.

With the support of the Celtic fans, we hope to produce the coverage that you and the club deserve. We can only do this with your help.

By the fans, for the fans.

For all the details and how to sign up please click on this link.

Video of 90 Minute Cynic’s Chris Gallagher and Christian Wulff discussing the launch:

Patreon Subscription Tiers

So if you become a subscriber, what will you get? Well, it’s more a matter of ‘what do you want’? There are three tiers at different prices and different level of content.

(note: Patreon levels are in US dollar so we’re showing the ca. equivalent in GBP in brackets. The prices are the minimum for that tier – if you want to contribute more, you’re more than welcome!)

Tier 1

$2/ca. £1.53 or more per month

This tier is an opportunity to donate to the running of the podcast WITHOUT any extra regular content. We’ve been running the 90 Minute Cynic as a podcast and a webcast since 2011 so if you’ve enjoyed our work and want to throw something our way as a way to support, this is the tier for you. Any level of support would be greatly appreciated.

Tier 2

The Season Cynic

$7/ca £5.36 or more per month

Tier 2 is for the subscriber that wants all the latest Celtic news, including previews and reviews of all the games, without any of the added features.

For the price of a (fancy) pint, this tier offers unrivaled coverage of all Celtic games and current news. Utilising a variety of interesting and informed contributors but focused around the core 90 Minute Cynic team, we will be previewing each Celtic game, and review the matches through instant, same day reaction podcast and weekly tactical and statistical analysis pods.

There will be a weekly current news discussion podcast, audio from Celtic arranged press conferences and if there are any big breaking Celtic news, we will have coverage up as soon as possible.


This tier guarantees at least 4 extra podcasts a week and one weekly video. Full coverage of Celtic during the season with intervals during the international and winter breaks.

What you’ll get (above and beyond the weekly FREE Cynic pod)

  • Same day podcasts after all Celtic games: direct, instant reaction recorded and released as soon as possible after final whistle.
  • Preview pod for all Celtic games: In-depth look at how both Celtic and their opponents will approach the game,.
  • Weekly analysis pod: Every Celtic game broken down from a tactically perspective and with advanced stats (from a co-operation with the Modern Fitba website)
  • Weekly news discussion pod: Start your Celtic week off with a pod covering all the latest Celtic news, the latest Scottish football media craziness and other world football happenings.
  • Unfiltered access to all Celtic arranged press conferences (both pre-game and after all home games) – either as standalone pods or part of other podcasts above.
  • Reaction pods to breaking news.

Tier 3

The Full Cynic

$9/ca. £6.89 or more per month

Tier 3 is for subscribers that want continued, constant and wide coverage of everything Celtic – with no stopping for the end of season, winter break or the international break. Celtic all year round.

For only around £1.50 more a month, you’ll get everything included in Tier 2 and also a large variety of feature pods and videos covering every aspect of Celtic. You will receive two unique Celtic related 90 Minute Cynic badges a year and have the opportunity to interact with the team via our voicemail Podcast.


All the podcasts included in Tier 2 plus at least 4 extra podcasts a month

Planned feature Podcasts include:

  • The Transfer Committee: All the transfer rumours, but also a pod that analyses the squad and tried to identifying potential targets with the help of wide range of experts.
  • Timeline Celtic: Focus on a Celtic team, season, game or player through history.
  • The Fans: Podcast focusing on the experience of being a Celtic fan: from being in the stadium and at away games, to watching games at home or across the globe in a local CSC
  • The Culture Club: Strips, shoes, music, TV, fashion – anyone or anything cultural connected to Celtic.
  • Political Celtic: Looking at the club through a political and social lens, including current campaigns & charity events.
  • Cynic Games: Filled with Celtic trivia, quizzes and pundit vs pundit competitions – it’s the Mastermind of Celtic podcasts.
  • The Interview: We’ll work hard to get access to and interviews with as many current or past players, staff and other people connected to Celtic. When we do, the full podcast interview will be on this tier!

There are plans for many more feature podcast as well, including focusing on European football and the history of the game outside of Celtic.

The 90 Minute Cynic Voicemail Podcast:

A special podcast feature where subscribers to Tier 3 can leave a voicemail that will be played on the podcast and we will discuss any points raised.


At least 2 Celtic badges a year, theme and/or player chosen by 90 Minute Cynics.

Early Access:

As a Tier 3 subscriber, you’ll also get early access to any live events we arrange.

Remember: content detailed within Tier 2 and 3 above is the bare minimum we will be providing. With your support as a subscriber we’ll hopefully be able to give a lot more content on both tiers and for no more money.

Thank you again for the incredible support you’ve given us over the last few weeks. We want to create a level of Celtic coverage not seen anywhere else. A coverage by fans, for fans, that is both and critical, with no agenda other than trying to analyse, discuss and support Celtic in the most informative and entertaining way possible.

We wouldn’t be here without you, and we need your support to make it work. With that support, we hope to give you something really great in return.

90 Minute Cynic Patreon

Christian came to Scotland in 2001 and nobody have still managed to get rid of him. A native of Oslo, Norway, he was a huge fan of Ronny Deila before it was cool and still is now that nobody likes him anymore. Christian joined the Cynics in 2014 and is now website editor and infrequent podcaster. He has previously written for The Herald, Scotsman and has also contributed to STV (face) and BBC (voice)

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