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90 Minute Cynic Drunken Podcast | Celtic, Green Brigade, EPL European Football & Booze

90 Minute Cynic Drunken Podcast | Celtic, Green Brigade, EPL, European Football & Booze

Host Chris Gallagher is joined by regular Cynics Kevin Gillespie, Chris Boud, Bryan McManus and Chris Sermanni.

We are also joined from our American brother Michael Chapman via Skype.

The Cynics discuss Aberdeen vs. Celtic and what expectations supporters should have for the season. We also discuss the Green Brigade situation and laugh at Rangers for quite a bit.

We talk to Michael Chapman via Skype about the EPL, Dutch Football and then slag him off for being American.

This is the drunken podcast and there are some choice words and opinions expressed.


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90 Minute Cynic is a football website covering the important issues in the modern game. We follow European football with a distinct focus on the Scottish & English Premier Leagues. As part of the Hail Hail Media network, we cover Glasgow Celtic on our very popular podcast. We also seek out interesting and funny stories from all corners of the globe, bringing an analytical yet enjoyable spin on football podcasting.

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  1. August 22, 2013 @ 9:50 pm jim

    why can you hate celtic players fuckin dicks you lot


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