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The Lisbon Lions: A Celebration of the European Cup Campaign 1967

Throughout 2017 we will publish exclusive extracts from the book ‘The Lisbon Lions: A Celebration of the European Cup Campaign 1967’ by Andy Dougan, published by Virgin. The extracts are adapted exclusively by the author for The Supplement. In this edition Celtic have progressed to the second round where they face the French champions Nantes. Having won against Zurich,…


Stevie Grieve on Tactics: Building from the back and dominating possession

As part of his regular column for the Supplement, Stevie Grieve shares his tactical insight of the game. In this edition he looks at how teams that want to build up play from the back and keep possession should adapt their tactics accordingly. How many teams in British football can we remember who were relentlessly dominant…


What Ever Happened To….FK Vojvodina

In a regular column, Tony McHugh will look at some of Celtic’s more unknown European opponents throughout its history and what the future held for the teams that once visited Celtic Park. In this issue it’s of course back to the 1966/67 season and Celtic’s quarter-final opponent, FK Vojvodina. If you’re a Celtic fan now getting into…


Stories From A Reserve Team Left-Back: Relegation battles and the day Graeme Murty came for tea

The small village of Copmanthorpe – affectionately know as Cop – is located just outside York and consists of two pubs, a Co-op and some of the finest manicured lawns in all of England.  At the centre of it all you’ll find Patrick Solich, a resident since birth and holder of the most important position in the whole village; left-back for Copmanthorpe…

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