Celtic | The McCann Takeover | David Low & Matt McGlone Interview Fergus McCann Takeover Celtic

Celtic | The McCann Takeover | David Low & Matt McGlone Interview

Celtic | The McCann Takeover | David Low & Matt McGlone Interview

From the Streets To the Boardroom | How the Rebels Won | Pt 1 & 2

It’s been a memorable season for Neil Lennon’s Celtic; lifting the Scottish Premier league title, a place in the final of the Scottish Cup meaning a potential double and a fantastic European run which seen the Glasgow side claim a victory against one of the greatest club sides in the history of the beautiful game. Whilst Scottish football’s finances are in question the country’s biggest side are financially stable, a far cry from their vanquished rivals from across the city.

In this environment it is easy to forget that just 20 years ago Celtic were in dire financial straits. Fergus McCann saved Glasgow Celtic from the brink of financial ruin and as the ongoing economic maelstrom engulfs the many tentacled leviathan in the South of the city, the man known as ‘the Bunnet’ is growing in stature amongst Celtic fans. His prudence was not universally popular during his tenure but time and hindsight can do wonders for a man’s reputation and McCann is now (rightly) held in the highest esteem amongst the huge majority of Celtic fans.

The unexpected and dramatic journey which led to McCann’s takeover has many facets and to document this incredible period in Celtic’s history 90MinuteCynic spoke to two of the most significant players in that story; David Low, financial advisor – the man who realised a takeover was possible and helped make that takeover a reality and Matt McGlone, the man on the street who made his voice heard when he founded ‘Celts for Change’ the fan group who voiced the supporters frustrations and put pressure on the incumbent board to walk away.

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From the Streets To the Boardroom | How the Rebels Won | Part 1


From the Streets To the Boardroom | How the Rebels Won | Part 2



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For further reading both Matt and David have written of their experiences of this pivotal time in Celtic’s history – Emotionally Celtic (Matt) and The McCann Takeover – the Inside Account (David | co-authored with Francis Shennan).

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  1. April 23, 2013 @ 12:36 pm Dennis Doherty

    The first year The bunnet took over a group from Celtic came to the USA, the group included mainly the Lisbon lions but also a few others, Mick Galloway and David Lowe I remember for different reasons. On the way to Las Vegas, they stopped in Chicago for a few days. As this is my place of residence I was absolutely delighted. We held a welcoming party for them at the Abbey pub in the northside of town I brought my wife and daughter to met my child hood hero’s. A great night was had by all and Mick Galloway singing ” if you hate the F******g Rangers clap your hands, brought howls of laughter to all.

    During the evening I had the opportunity to talk to David Lowe about and Idea I had about marketing the Brand Celtic in North America.
    I explained that I would invest my money in a project that would bring everything Celtic to the USA, the only thing I asked Celtic to do was the marketing, set me up with a web page and I would do the rest.

    He laughed at me and said there is not the interest for them to get involved.
    I wish I had went to Fergus with my idea, for 20 years Celtic have been in the top 5 in marketing soccer in the USA, any city you go to you will find a Celtic bar or Celtic supporters.Any soccer tournaments must have Celtic in them, the draw still magnificent.

    For one so smart, mr Lowe you’re a bit of a dummy……


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