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Billy McNeil heads Celtic into the European Cup semi-final with a late winner

The Lisbon Lions: A Celebration of the European Cup Campaign 1967

Throughout 2017 we will publish exclusive extracts from the book ‘The Lisbon Lions: A Celebration of the European Cup Campaign 1967’ by Andy Dougan, published by Virgin. The extracts are adapted exclusively by the author for The Supplement. In this edition Celtic have progressed to the quarterfinals against Serbian champions Vojvodina.   There was good news and bad news…


From desperation came celebration, Glasgow Celtic was the name – The Politics of the Celtic Terraces

Saturday 27 May 2017, 4.45pm. Celtic 2-Aberdeen 1. Treble, invincible. Probably the best day I’ll ever experience as a Celtic supporter. We all know the story, the success and the overwhelming feel good factor charging through the club in the anniversary season of the single greatest Scottish sporting triumph ever. The stands, the players and…

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