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The Revolution will be Tactical

Ian Cathro’s short-term reign at Hearts was another flash-point in an ongoing discussion around the attitude towards progressive ideas and tactical applications inside Scottish football and the media covering it. One of the main contributors to the debate is Stevie Grieve, a young but experienced Scottish coach who has worked within both football clubs and…


To Colt or Not To Colt; The Norwegian Experience

Whether top flight teams in Scotland should be allowed to play their colt teams in the lower tiers of the SPFL is the very emotive question that has intensified in recent weeks. Christian Wulff has spoken to two Norwegian football experts to see how a similar system has worked there and what their recommendation for…


Celtic and Rangers; A Rivalry Moulded by Politics

More known for his tactical musings and statistical nerdery on Twitter, Politics degree holder Dougie Wright looks at how the political aspects of the rivalry between the two big Glasgow clubs evolved and whether in modern times it has transferred over into other causes and cultural allegiances.   Football and politics are strange bedfellows. In…


I Expect You to Save; Introducing a new model to rate shot-stopping in the SPFL.

A life-long member of the Goalkeepers Union, Christian Wulff uses advanced stats to introduce a new method of measuring the shot-stopping performances of the goal custodians in the SPFL Premiership.   In a past life I was a goalkeeper. I was OK. Slow, not a great jump and quite the liability at crosses. But my…

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