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Truth and Reconciliation in Scottish Football

Sustainable and genuine reconciliation after a conflict is built on transparency, contrition and compromise. Intransigent denials or a thirst for punishment from either side usually achieves nothing but frustration and leaves unresolved issues which will make any future relationship very fraught and likely to collapse. In Scottish football – as with anywhere else – reconciliation…

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IN OUR INTERMITTENT  FEATURE 90TH MINUTE EQUALISER, BARRY WARD TAKES THE ROLE OF ROBERT MCCALL AND TELLS US HOW HE WOULD FIX THE CURRENT ISSUES CELTIC. So welcome to Part II , thanks for the feedback , retweets and messages regarding Part I which where greatly appreciated. In Part II  I will be highlighting what Deila needs to do personally, tactically and…


Time For Change At Celtic | 90 Minute Cynic Podcast

It’s the 90 Minute Cynic Podcast (@90minutecynic) with host Chris Boud (@theChrisBoud) being joined by regular Cynics Louis McCaffrey and Chris Sermanni (@IAmInAgreement) We discuss all the recent goings on at Celtic including the Molde and Ross County results. The panel discuss whether it is time for Ronny to go and answer questions from Twitter.  …


The 90 Minute Cynic 4 Ayes – Strachan Speaks, Killie Reeks and Souttar Sails

Welcome to the inaugural 4 Ayes with Martin Friel, a brief review of the weekend’s exceptional, good, iffy and total gash. This week has a Scottish theme as there are few folk up north that deserve either a pat on the back or a skelp on the arse. Aye, Pure Belter Gordon Strachan’s punditry for BT is…

90 Minute Cynic Podcast Celtic Podcast

90 Minute Cynic Podcast | League Reconstruction

It’s the 90 Minute Cynic Podcast (@90minutecynic) with host Chris Gallagher (@TheGallatron) being joined by regular Cynics Louis McCaffrey (@LjMc) and Christian Wulff (@aHellofaBeating) as well as a guest appearance from STV’s Scott McClymont. As well as providing a league reconstruction blueprint for Scottish football the panel discuss the Champions League Qualifiers draw, transfer rumours…

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