Peak Fitba Watch | Scottish Football Media Review

I need to apologise: there is no Gerrard Ramble in this week’s Peak Fitba. I am not sure I understand what is going on, and believe me I searched both high and low, but it appears… perhaps… maybe… that Stevie went a week without saying something utterly ridiculous. It has made me question myself… my…


Brendan Rodgers Press Conference | Celtic – Saints | Full Audio

Full audio of Brendan Rodgers’ press conference after Celtic went through to the quarterfinal of Scottish Cup with a 5-0 win over St. Johnstone. Listen to the end: last two questions are from Cynics’ Keith McGinty asking about how Celtic will cope with Valencia’s high press, why today’s  second half was a good preparation for…


Cynic Live Video | Hibs Review and St Johnstone Preview

Live from Platform at Argyle Street Arches in Glasgow – It’s the Cynic Live Lunch

Chris Gallagher is joined by Iain Dougan and Christian Wulff with Marek Robert behind the scenes.

Up for discussion this week is:

Hibs win & hilarious press

Valencia Prep

Brown, Jozo & Izzy tackles

Gutman Loan

Treble Treble Time

Line-up for Sunday

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