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Celtic Vs Aberdeen | The 90 Minute Cynic Podcast

It’s the 90 Minute Cynic Podcast (@90minutecynic) with host  Chris Boud (@theChrisBoud) joined by regular cynics  Christopher Gallagher (@TheGallatron), Louis McCaffrey (@LJFMc) and Bryan McManus (@BryanMcManus). We discuss Celtic’s upcoming fixture with league challengers Aberdeen and discuss Scottish football’s finances. This is a Skype recorded podcast so apologies for the poorer than usual audio quality….


SPFL Corner – Enter Bogeyman

IT’S EUAN MCGUFFIE’S WEEKLY LOOK AT ALL THINGS LOWER LEAGUE. IT’S TIME FOR THE SPFL CORNER. I love this time of year: the house filled with the smell of burning pumpkin; the Children of the Corn robbing the contents of your kitchen cupboard in lieu of egging your house; spotting that guy, what’s-his-name, him that’s barely kicked a…

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