Articles by Seth Dobson


Rodgers by Numbers: A Statistical Look at Celtic’s New Manager

Resident 90 Minute Cynic Stat Maestro Seth Dobson looks over the important numbers regarding Brendan Rodgers time at Liverpool – What can we expect from the new Celtic Manager?    Aggressive Attack As Table 1 indicates, Liverpool were among the top 4 in total shot attempts and shots on target (SoT) each season under Rodgers….


The Good, The Bad and The Ciftci – A Statistical Look at Celtic’s New Striker

The 90 Minute Cynic in house analyst, Seth Dobson, looks at Nadir Cifti’s performance from a statistical point of view. Is the Dutch born Turkish striker a good fit for Celtic? In this post, I will provide a statistical perspective on new Bhoy Nadir Ciftci, based on his numbers from last season at Dundee United. I…


Did the Celtic Transfer Ruin Dundee United’s Season?

Seth Dobson , takes a look at why The Arabs have suffered a severe slump in form, or have they? By now you probably know that Dundee United are pish! One of the narratives that has developed around the Terrors’ recent decline in form focuses on the transfer of Stuart Armstrong and Gary Mackay-Steven (hereafter, SAGMS)…

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