Articles by Ryan Clarke

Ryan is an university student that was born and raised on the North side of Dublin. The son of a Celtic supporter, Ryan is a devoted fan of his local club Bohemians. In his spare time he enjoys writing about John Delany's favourite "problem child" - the League of Ireland - and all the little things that make it the #GreatestLeagueintheWorld. He also enjoys collecting football jerseys and watching the Chicago Cubs play baseball.


Football under National Socialism

Physical exercise and competition played a major role in Nazi Germany in the efforts to spread its hateful propaganda and racial ideologies.  Football was a willing participant in the enforcement of discrimination and anti-Semitism, but as Ryan Clarke explores, Hitler would find out personally that this was one sport where the outcome could not be…


Fan Ownership; Saving the Soul of Irish Football

With a league often shrouded in mismanagement and financial difficulties, football in Ireland are seeing growing signs of supporters getting involved in the ownership of their clubs, with a big focus on charity work in the local community. The Cynical’s Irish football correspondent Ryan Clarke explores how this new model has reignite new hope for…


An interview with Bisto Flood: Moulded by the crazy world of League of Ireland

For most football fans, the divide between players and fans is a chasm that is only widening as the money being pumped into the game continues to skyrocket. In modern football, the multimillionaire players have little in common with the fans that support them. But there is a place in the football world where this…


The Trials and Tribulations of Cross-border Football in Ireland

In a regular column, Ryan Clarke will look at all the different aspect of Irish football; from history to current developments, interviews and league reviews. In this edition he chronicles the history of cross-border competitions and what is needed for it to make a successful return.  Like most things in Ireland, the question of an All-Ireland cross-border football competition is…

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