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Football under National Socialism

Physical exercise and competition played a major role in Nazi Germany in the efforts to spread its hateful propaganda and racial ideologies.  Football was a willing participant in the enforcement of discrimination and anti-Semitism, but as Ryan Clarke explores, Hitler would find out personally that this was one sport where the outcome could not be…


Dr. Strangeleagues or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SPFL Split

Thought the SPFL Premiership league structure was complicated? You’ve seen nothing yet. Jamie Kilday uses all his brain cells to try to understand some of the other alternatives  in European football and discovers that SPFL Split might not be that bad after all…   This season is the eighteenth year of ‘The Split’ and I’d…


Fan Ownership; Saving the Soul of Irish Football

With a league often shrouded in mismanagement and financial difficulties, football in Ireland are seeing growing signs of supporters getting involved in the ownership of their clubs, with a big focus on charity work in the local community. The Cynical’s Irish football correspondent Ryan Clarke explores how this new model has reignite new hope for…


The Lisbon Lions: A Celebration of the European Cup Campaign

Ever since our first edition we’ve published exclusive extracts from the book ‘The Lisbon Lions: A Celebration of the European Cup Campaign 1967’ by Andy Dougan, published by Virgin. The extracts have been adapted exclusively by the author for The Cynical. After a long campaign, Jock Stein’s team is set to take on Inter Milan on a balmy May…

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